Request a CDN user account

Requesting a user account for accessing CDN resources shall be done using this form.

In order to speed up the onboarding process, it is advised that the person acting as the local or project point of contact fills the form.

The following pieces of informations need to be prepared:

Form Section Guideline
Contact information

This section contains information on the person submitting the request, which will serve as a point of contact for managing the account. The point of contact shall be part of an ORN instrument.

Email and Full Name fields are required.

Help Topic In the drop-down menu, select contact_CDN / Demande de compte CDN.
CDN Account request

This section concerns information on the new user account request

Last Name, First Name and Institute Email for the new user account

Note: user email shall be an institutional email address (e.g., not 

Requested user account valid until. At most, one year after the current day, but extension are possible on a yearly basis.

Email of the point of contact. If you are managing the personal, the project or instrument related to the new account, it your email. If not, fill in with the project or instrument lead person email.

Instrument. Select one or several instruments to which the new user will have access to. IF the project or instrument is not listed, select “other” and add the name in the extra field.

Note: The extra field shall also be used to indicate which NenuFAR Key Project the new user will have access to (if applicable).

Access to compute services. Check this option if the user will need access to the CDN computing facility. Check also the GPU option if needed.

Connexion from. IP address from which the user will connect.

Note: this must be a public and fixed IP address, You may use online services like whatismyip to retrieve it.

Other notes. Use this text box to provide any extra comments considered helpful to implement the request (like, e.g., role of the new user in the project). The text box can also be used to add other connection IP addresses (including IP address ranges).