Help Desk

Welcome to the CDN Help Desk

You need help and depending on your issue, here is how to select correct service.

The CDN does manage:

  • The creation, renewal or removal of user accounts that enable access to the CDN digital resources, such as compute (nancep nodes) or storage (databf nodes) servers.
  • The management of global quotas per instrument (such as NenuFAR, NDA, NRH, …)
  • The digital data storage service
  • A request concerning online data management (setup, configuration, publication…)

If your request concerns a new user account creation, please review the instructions, and click on the button below.

If your request concerns any of the other items listed above, click on the button below:

The CDN does not manage:

  • A) Instrumental “sub-team” quotas (e.g.: individual NenuFAR teams with an attributed KP/ES/LT Project ID).
  • B) Software installations on compute servers, network issues, hardware questions
  • C) Changes/additions of members to instrumental sub-team groups.

If your request concerns item A) or C): please contact directly the instrument/project manager with your request. Only this person can manage quota distribution. Modifications of quotas should then be implemented internally.

If your request concerns item B): please submit a ticket through the Ticket System with the “IT support” in the Help Topic drop-down menu.


For any other concerns not listed above and/or which DO NOT fall into the scope of the CDN, please contact the IT support team at support_informatique [at]  Please DO NOT put contact_CDN email alias in CC of your request.